Worth seven thousand words?

A pinkish toned whimsical photo of three chrysanthemum heads.
If I existed even 20 years earlier, I would waste a lot of paper in the process of making stuff. I’m pretty amazed at the technology I have on hand to create things, even my iPhone camera in conjunction with various apps helps me make things and I don’t have to stress about paper waste.

A photo of supermarket shelves, with cans of tuna sitting next to tortillas. Hand lettered text says "We go together like tuna and tortillas."
I thought it was funny that tuna and tortillas were stacked together at the supermarket.

A black and white, head and shoulders, photo of me. I'm looking down, my hair is up, and I'm wearing a leather-look jacket with a white tshirt and a big chain necklace.
The other day I took some portraits of myself because the only ones I had featured me with blonde hair! This one isn’t very usable, because I’m not looking at the camera but I like it. It feels more… me.

The design for the back of my new business card - it's written all in hand lettering and says "Hello my name is Natalie Perkins. My email is natalie @ definatalie.com. I am an artist, designer, activist and fatshionista. I blog about all of this on definatalie.com"
The back of my new blog business cards. Blogness cards? I can’t wait until they come back from the printer!

A photo of half a doily on a blue tablecloth.
Our house is full of doilies that I’ve bought in op shops. They’re handy and make our cavern of an apartment feel more intimate and homely.

A gig poster I designed with cream textured paper, blue green foliage and a ribbon that says "Charlie Mayfair" in hand lettering.
I’ve designed another poster for Charlie Mayfair. We’re keeping with the same visual language of the first poster and EP, but in future months we’ll be building on that language with new imagery. We decided to tell a story through pictures and design to reward the band’s fans, but also to find new listeners and lure them over to the Charlie Mayfair way!

A photo of a sunset in suburbia with doodling and hand lettering superimposed over the top. The text says "Friday night".
Friday nights aren’t about neon lights and loud music in the Perkins household. They’re about sunsets, drawing and watching the masterclass on Masterchef!


  1. I've just been trying to clean out my crap and it's made me realise how much space olden days media took up. I have boxes and boxes of books and CDs and paper notebooks. And print photos – why does it seem wrong to throw them out?

    I love your self-portrait. It's an intriguing photo.

  2. Wow. I love that picture of you. And… my husband and I regularly drool over your designwork. You are incredible.

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