Close up shot of my Evans silver mary janes with lace fishnet tights (also from Evans). You can sort of see my leopard print walking stick behind my leg.

#dittowatch: From Evans to my wardrobe

I got my parcel of Beth Ditto for Evans stuff on Friday when I was actually at my mother’s preparing for my sister’s wedding! Nick called me up to tell me especially, pretty cheeky or caring husband? HMMM! I tried on my stuff last night and was super excited to take photos so I could report back to the fat-o-sphere with my findings. Let’s go!

Outfit photo of me wearing a dark patterned blouse and a grey high waised pencil skirt with a zip up the front. I'm wearing lace fishnet stockings and flat pointy mary jane shoes. I'm leaning on a leopard printed walking stick.
Firstly, allow me to introduce you to my walking stick. Since my foot is pretty much buggered I need help walking around and this leopard printed number does the job. Now, here you can see the floral print denim skirt in a kind of late 90s style outfit (well, the kind I would have worn back then). I have a big tummy and I’m not very fond of the way this sits on me, it just wants to keep sliding upward!

Blouse: Target
Skirt: Evans
Stockings: Evans
Shoes: Payless? Spendless? I can’t remember anymore!
Necklace: Me
Ring: City Chic
Watch: Bijoux Terner

Outfit photo of me wearing a black drapey top with black skinny jeans and big black high heels with a platform. I'm leaning on my leopard print walking stick.
I was in love with the idea of the oversized hanky hem top because it looked like something I’d enjoy figuring out. The photo on the Evans site is SO misleading as the top is actually a square of fabric with a neckhole and two sleeves. I still really like it though!

Top: Evans
Jeans: Asos Curve
Shoes: City Chic
Necklace: Me
Ring: City Chic
Watch: Bijoux Terner

Photo of the back of the outfit with the oversized black top and skinny jeans - the back neckline actually comes into a V! It reveals a little of the tattoo on my upper back, a fairy falling through bubbles.
This was a surprise – the back neckline is V shaped! It actually came with a ribbon connecting the shoulders (at the neck seam) but I snipped it off as it strangled me. The product photo does not show you this feature, and I have no idea if it was even meant to be snipped however the neckline does stretch now that I have removed it.

Close up of my shoes - they are black and made of a shiny material and a suede like fabric. There's a small platform  and a very HIGH heel!
These shoes are responsible for screwing up my foot so bad that I need to use a walking stick. Thanks, City Chic. >:( I only wore these for the photo, never fear!

Outfit photo of me in a black dress with ivory polka dots. It has a little Peter Pan collar, and the skirt hits mid thigh. I'm wearing lace fishnet tights with silver mary jane heels, and I have my leopard print walking stick.
HELLO POLKA DOT DRESS! I knew that I must have this dress when I saw all the promo photos and while everyone adored the red chevron print dress, it was this one that really spoke to me. I am somewhat disappointed that the dress went into manufacturing without the contrasting black collar.

Dress: Evans
Stockings: Evans
Shoes: Evans
Floral bangle: City Chic
Brass bangle: Evans

Outfit photo of me in the polka dot dress - I'm holding the hem of the skirt out.
It is very short on me! I kind of want to find a petticoat to make the skirt fuller. The dress comes with a slip that is far too short and kind of useless; the polka dot fabric is not see-through from my observation. (Though I haven’t done the Princess Di and the See Through Skirt test yet.)

Close up shot of my hand on my hip, I'm wearing two big bangles and have pink nails with a darker pink bow tie on each nail.
I told you all I would try to copy the bow nails I posted on the last Friday Fance! It was hard to do it without a nail technician’s skill and tools, but I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I wore these nails (stick on ones!) to my sister’s wedding and they’ve stayed stuck on since then – I totally recommend Nailene nail kits (thanks Miss Violet for putting me on to them!)

Close up shot of my Evans silver mary janes with lace fishnet tights (also from Evans). You can sort of see my leopard print walking stick behind my leg.
Final things from Evans – the silver mary janes and some lace tights that aren’t part of the Beth Ditto collection. I have bought tights from Evans before only to be disappointed so I was really apprehensive as I tried these on. I was so happy when I discovered they fit! For the record: I am 175cm tall, UK 24/26 and bought size 3.

I want to do a post where I show off all the fabulous fatshionistas who bought the polka dot dress – if you bought one, would you leave me a link to a photo of you wearing it in the comments? We will polka-dot-wash the world!


  1. omg you’re right, the polka dot dress is so you! i love the denim outfit too.

    this is the first time that i saw someone wearing the hanky hem top so now i’m super excited to receive my package (its the only thing that i purchased from the collection). i actually bought it larger so that maybe/possibly i could wear it as a short dress with my torrid thigh-high boots. i may have to throw on a mini skirt to keep it decent though lol.

  2. You rock all those outfits although I think the black hanky hem top is my fave. That string you snipped off is meant to go across the back so the top doesnt fall off your shoulders all the time. I generally snip the damn thing off too. It might feel uncomfortable but I like the way the denim skirt looks on you. I was going to say ‘flattering’ but I feel about the same as you do about that word! lol *hugs*

  3. The ribbon goes across the back!!! I had it like that for a bit and was so confused. The front neckline still strangled me a little. Perhaps I’ll find some nice ribbon, or braid very thin bits of a nice fabric and make it a longer length so I can solve the strangling issue!

  4. you look so great in everything! i really like the silver mary janes and i can’t wait to see photos of everyone wearing the polka dot dress. also, i don’t think anyone has ever rocked a walking stick as well as you!

  5. Love it all! The first outfit is a surprise of florals and denim and I love the updated 80’s version.
    Of course the spotted Ditto dress is so fab on you, I cannot comment any further.

  6. Gah! So jealous! The polka dot dress is so awesome. I love the silver shoes with it too. So, so awesome.

    And I must know, where did you get your walking stick? Mine is horribly unstylish and I usually end up leaving it at home when I should be using it.

  7. I bought it from a chemist! I’m not sure if you’re in Australia, but I got it from a Terry White Chemist – they had quite a few different designs including a cute floral pattern.

  8. The dress is gorgeous – easily the pick of the bunch. You look brilliant in it, Natalie.

    I *love* the maryjanes. I’ve found that Evans’ shoe sizing is really quite off and my usual uk size 8 hoofs fit nicely into a 7, sometimes with room to spare! Are the maryjanes doing that too or are they actually true to size?

  9. LEEEEEEEEEEEEERVE the polka dots and the black top – I bet the balc top would look awesome with the V at the front, too. You look FAB!!

  10. And remember, there’s always the decoupage option: your fave paper/tissues/magazine pages plus “mod podge” or gel medium. It was what I did for my walking stick when all they had in my height requirement was dull dull dull!

  11. I love that dress so much. The only thing that stopped me buying it is that I have a navy and white polka dot dress I bought on etsy. It looks fantastic though.

  12. That polka dot dress is mega fabulous and you look WICKED in it. You’re right that it would also work pretty great with a petticoat, maybe even a petticoat that comes longer than your dress so you’ll have these super girly vibes.

  13. New reader here: if I didn’t pay attention I would believe the walking stick was for fashion purposes. And I do think you could away with it too. Anyway, I do love your first combo (and also the black one). It hugs your curves very nicely.

  14. Nat, that walking stick makes you look really bad-ass. Especially with the polka dot dress (which is gorgeous). Keep fancing!

  15. At first, I totally thought the walking stick was just a part of your outfit! Not to belittle your injury, but you are my hero for rocking that thing! Also, love the silver Mary Janes. I hope you feel better!

  16. Natalie you look amazing! I love the black and drapey look with the t-shirt, and the top you are wearing with the denim skirt. But most importantly, you have totally convinced me to order the polka dot dress. I also love the nails. Heh, I am pregnant with fashion compliments on this post!x

  17. Amazing! Everything looks so great on you. The polkadot dress is my favourite thing in the world right now but I am still waiting on my BD stuff to arrive. I would love to be in on your collage of polkadot dressed ladies though as soon as I get mine!

  18. I’d always thought that ribbon thing was to stop your clothes falling off clothes hangers – like when you get the two tacky string bits that hook over clothes hangers!

    You look fab in all those outfits, I’m particularly loving the first one!

  19. Amazing! It all looks wonderful! Maybe you need to have your husband follow you around tugging down the denim skirt for you, because it looks great in the photo.

  20. Oh my gosh you look fantastic in the polka dot dress! I’m so glad the nails worked out too, the little bows are so sweet :D

  21. Awesome. Thanks! I’m totally hitting up the Terry White in the city on my way to uni tomorrow. :D

  22. I thought about doing that, but my current one has these weird grooves all the way down it so I’m not sure if it would work properly. Maybe I’ll just cover it in glitter paint lol.

  23. Very cool, Natalie. After your link on Facebook a few weeks ago I ordered the Beth Ditto black & white heart cardi – can’t bloody wait to try it on. xxk

  24. I love lovelovelove lovelove love lovelovelove love love you in that polka dot dress. THAT WAS MADE FOR YOU.

  25. Here’s mine!:

    Wore it yesterday with hot pink tights, hot pink jumper over so the collar showed and a wide black belt. Everyone told me it looked awesome. And it did! I haven’t seen anyone look less than super-cute in it. xx
    xxSibz (sugaredvenom on tumblr)

  26. i love the way you always look so lovely and pulled together. you have a knack for making an outfit work.
    i really like that floral printed blouse that you paired with the skirt.

    (and i wanted my dad to get a cool purple glitter walking cane, but he swore up and down that nice looking ones didn’t exist! i’m going to show him this and prove him wrong.)

  27. The all-black outfit is my favorite — and your pimp cane suits it especially well. ;) You look like an art gallery owner who is friends with Oscar Wilde.

  28. Argh, that DRESS, it is GORG. And I think it would be fabulous and fancy with a petticoat (which are the easiest things ever to make, btw. As I am sure you know already).

    I will admit that when a saw that first photo with your walking stick I had a really strong reaction. Not positive or negative, jsut… oh! And then I thought ‘I don’t know if I would put a photo of me witha stick on the internet’. I don’t know why. Some weird pride? Do I think that needing somehting like that is shameful or a sign of failure? Interesting… I hope this isn’t too rude and that it doesn’t make you sad or anything. But I basically wanted to say – hoorah you for having those photos as you are, for making me think about what’s still going on inside me about acceptance and judgement, for normalising difference just a little bit more, and most importantly, for having such an AWESOME leopard print stick! Fabulous.

  29. Jasmine’s right. The ribbon that goes across the back is used for hanging only. They used to have 2 ribbon loops sewn inside the shoulders, but in the past few years I’ve seen more stores with the one ribbon. It ensures that clothing can be displayed nicely in shops with minimal tangling.

    I think you look fabulous! Don’t feel bad about the skirt creeping up. I’m a size 10-12 and all my mid/high-waisted skirts do that. It’s unavoidable unless the skirts are skin-tight around the thighs. :-)

  30. After some further investigationing, the “hanky hem” top does have seams in it, but I haven’t had time to fully look at it. I might do a bit of a DIY remake of it with some sheer fabric I have. (Time permitting of course!)

    I DID see Beth walking for Gaultier, it was super exciting and even though there were a couple of plus size models walking with her I really doubt they’ll sell the clothes in actual plus sizes. It’s still blahhhh for us.

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