Let’s go browser window shopping!

Stevie Nicks always loomed large in my childhood as some kind of ethereal fae creature. My Nana had a bunch of old clothes she kept for us to dress up in, and so we’d swan about dripping with long skirts and scarves and I always felt like Stevie was out there somewhere being proud of me for dressing so rad.

Seinfeld aired as I was a teenager and I looked up to the character of Elaine Benes as if she were some kind of awkward aunty to my gawky teen. My friends and I would dance like her at inopportune times and wonder why none of us ever experienced what substituted for romance at school dances.

In lieu of well, any content at all please accept some outfits I made out of things I want but can’t afford styled after fashion heroes I love.

A collage of images including: a photo of Stevie Nicks wearing a black sheer shawl and drapey black dress, standing with her arms outstretched; a black loose knitted tunic; a black maxi skirt; a suede wedge lace up ankle boot; and a brown/red stone ring.

Inspire Ladder Knit Tunic

Black Maxi Skirt
Brogue Wedge
Brown Stone Ring

A collage of photos including: a photo of Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the character of Elaine Benes wearing a long floral dress with flat black and white spectator shoes; a floral tunic; brown leggings; and a white and black creeper shoe.

Floral Tunic
Chocolate Brown Leggings
Black and White Leather Creepers

This post was supposed to help me feel better about not buying things I want but I don’t think it has at all! Are there things you can’t have? Tell me about them. Let’s commiserate.


  1. oh man, yes, there are clothing things I want but can’t have! And other things too, like delicious hot food prepared for me and given to me to eat with no prep work or trip to the grocery store required.

    Oh, and a pony.

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