Sunday eats and frolicks in New Farm.

A photo of a tree on the footpath across the road, in front of a blue and yellow wall. A few yellow City Cycles sit in the station.

Brisbane’s annual Greek festival, Paniyiri, took place this weekend but a series of inconvenient things happened and we didn’t get there despite having a lot of good intentions. My main reservation was the amount of people likely to turn up, so when we finally got out of the house today Nick took me to New Farm for lunch. We were foiled at most cafes (why do so many Brisbane cafes close their kitchens at 2pm? BOO!) so ended up at the Alibi Room. Once full of awesome food, now replaced with regrets and unenthusiastic staff since it was purchased by the owners of the Royal George in Brunswick Street.

A photo of Nick, with regrown beard, wearing a red shirt. He's looking down, focusing on his iPhone (out of shot.)

A photo of a burger with salad and a vegetable pattie on a plate with long hand cut sweet potato fries and a small serve of aioli.

We struggled through the small makeshift menu and each got burgers, Nick choosing a “Quarter Pounder” and me a “Vegetarian Burger”. They were alright but the sweet potato fries were dripping in oil. Drain your fries, lazy chef, you’ll have plenty of time for a ciggie out the front because there were no patrons other than us!

A photo of me sitting at a table with particularly good light holding a fork with a poffertje (tiny pancake) up to my open mouth.

My day was rescued by poffertjes from Re del Gelato. Tiny pancakes are the best! Coincidentally, so is this photo. I don’t think I’ve ever posted a photo of me eating food before so this one makes up for it.

An outfit photo of me, fat and pale skinned with short blonde hair, wearing a black sheer top with a black maxi skirt. I'm standing in the flower gardens at New Farm Park.

We then traveled down the road to New Farm Park for a quick walk around. Despite this morning being quite overcast, the afternoon sun was bursting everywhere!

A close up photo of me with shorter blonde hair with a lilac ribbon wrapped around my head. I'm smiling and wearing a pair of black sunglasses with rhinestones embedded in the frame that glint in the sun.

I gave myself a hair cut last night. I’m sure any hairdressers reading my blog would baulk but I don’t care too much. I like it! Now I can wear cute ribbons in my hair.

A full length photo of me in the park looking happy with my arms outstretched.

It was a great day, even if things didn’t go to plan.

Top: Jens Fashion Plus
Skirt: Made by me
Slip: Evans
Shoes: Spendless Shoes
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage


  1. I don’t want to sound like an internet creeper, but ever since I began reading your blog (via The Rotund’s blog), every time you post pictures of yourself I think “she is SO CUTE!”!  And this time I just had to say something!  Thanks for sharing your adventures and photos – they make me smile. 


  2. I love the photo of you eating. You have cemented my desire to post pics of me doing the same.

    Also, that burger lunch is the same as my dinner. 

  3. As always, supremely beautiful.

    I’m with you regarding Paniyiri it’s far too crowded and the last time I went I was almost crushed attempting to buy food. I haven’t been back since. 

  4. Oh my goodness, Wolvy, Me TOO! I catch up with your blog every week or two Natalie, and this time, I just had to say… Gosh you are sooo CUUTE!! :) Keep up the fabulousness!! From Lisa in Nz.

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