Swell Sculpture Festival

Bella by Greg James: A sculpture made of what looks to be bronze of a woman sitting on a table in a green bikini and flowers in her hair as she stares out to the sea. People are sitting at the seats looking out to the sea, seemingly ignoring the sculpture.

The Swell Sculpture Festival at Currumbin Beach has been showing for the last fortnight but we only got out to catch it yesterday morning, before it closes today. We took Miffy with us because there aren’t many art events you can take your dog to! We are bestowing on her an education in the creative arts, primarily teaching her not to pee or poo near or on the art. We walked up and down the beach, stopping to look at sculptures and greet other art-loving dogs, and at the end of the walk we all sat down in the shade of a tree sipping our cool refreshments.

I wish I’d taken one of the booklets so I could have more information to accompany my photographs but please enjoy these snaps and my probably incorrect and uncultured descriptions. It was a super sunny, hot day and looks gorgeous in the photos but trust me, the sand was hot and the sweat was dripping!

War Ears by Pat Hoffie & Stefan Purcell: A huge orange binocular looking structure sitting on the beach.

So many more photos are beyond the cut!

A yellow lifeguard tower against the blue sky.
POD by Erica Gray : A detail photo of a sculpture that looks like a hession sack with small openings slit in the sides.
Welcome to Paradiso by Alejandro Polo: A gold or bronze small palm tree standing upright on the sand with the ocean and another sculpture, Vanessa Stanley's Your Altered Gaze, sitting behind.
Welcome to Paradiso by Alejandro Polo detail: The golden fronds of the palm tree against the shockingly blue sky.
Journey Music by Mariana Martin: A cluster of tall pin like protusions in the sand and people walking in the middle of the sculpture.
Your Altered Gaze by Vanessa Stanley: Nick and Miffy stand in front of a circular frame filled with circular mirrors that reflect different views of the ocean, some warped.
Your Altered Gaze by Vanessa Stanley detail: My reflection in two of the mirrors as I take a photo, the beach and sky behind me.
Who Cares... by Steve Bristow: A life size dolphin sculpture lies in the sand tangled in net, scarred and bloody.
Green foliage against the blue sky with bonus sun flare.
A Passion for Patience by Christina Khumari: A circular, kind of spider web type piece of crochet is strung between two large trees with the beach behind it.
A Passion for Patience by Christina Khumari detail: Close up photo of this piece reveals a spider web structure made with large beads, the sun shining through it makes the beads look like drips of water.
State of Square by Fatih Semiz: A sculpture made up of a star shape outlines that reduce in size to nothing in circular shape. Sort of looks like a slinky that disappears into nothing!
Passages by Erika Mayer & Tom Koch detail: Blue and green frosted glass blobs that take on lots of organic forms, some look like single cell organisms blown up.
A piano on sits on the grass under a tree as passers by come up and play it. A sign on the piano says "Play me."
Wait and See by Julia Birch: A large brown turtle hoisted up by a flag pole type structure and floats in the sky with the wind.
Transient Migration by Anne Leon: Tall sticks with red, orange and yellow long thin flags sit on a dune with Currumbin Life Saving Club and the beach behind.
An orange and green gelati and iced coffee truck with people lined up waiting for delicious, cooling refreshments.
Listen to a Pipe Dreaming by Christopher Trotter: A curly silver pipe emerges from the sand dune and an ear piece extends towards the sea.
The Rebirth by Cezary Stuglis: Welded stainless steel humanoid figures crawl out over the dunes, some have fish scales and one has a large funnel through its torso.
Miffy lies panting on the shady grass with a cup of water next to her.


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