Road testing my doona dress on a rainy day.

A photo of Sonya, Zoe and myself in a playground, sitting in a spinning cup which is out of shot.

My friends Sonya and Zoe came down the coast on Saturday and we headed out to Burleigh for coffee, food and muggy day playground times. I have been struggling with the muslin for this dress for weeks; even though it’s based on this dress, adding sleeves was a complicated task especially because I have such lofty expectations of a dress such as being able to lift my arms, reach forward, etc. I’d picked the sleeves out for the third and final time and inserted a newly drafted sleeve and managed to make the dress wearable, horah, so I thought I’d take it out for a spin.

Sonya, Zoe and I sitting in a spinning egg cup in a playground. I'm hanging on for dear life.

Literally. This egg cup spun around so fast and made me want to throw up!

Zoe, Sonya and I standing together for a group outfit shot in front of the beachfront at Burleigh.
An outfit photo of Zoe wearing a tree branch print maxi dress with a purple cardigan.
An outfit photo of Sonya wearing a yellow tank top with an animal print maxi skirt which matches her animal print sunglasses.

An outfit photo of me wearing a knee length dress in a white/ blue/ red print.

I need to further tweak this muslin and my pattern because it’s too narrow across the back and needs some darts down the front because it’s too big around my waist. Don’t let anyone tell you sewing your own clothing is easier than buying them off the rack. Argh! This fabric came from a doona cover I bought at an op shop, and since buying it so many people have told me they’ve got this doona cover. I even saw a dress made out of it at the Village Markets the other week.

Badges Zoe gave me on my dress: one from Cupcakes and Cuddlebunny and the other from Re/Dress.

A photo of the cut out heart on my back which shows off my falling fairy tattoo.

I really love the heart cut out!

Dress: made by me
Scarf: clothes swap
Shoes: Evans


  1. I had a hurdy gurdy vomiting incident in the past and I can barely look at them

    Your dress is superb. I have the quilt but it barely functions through lack of pop studs on the opening.

  2. Hi Natalie, sorry if this seems stalkerish, but just wanted to make sure you got the package I sent.  cute dress btw   =)

    xx Dee

  3. Hi Dee, I did! I am sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner to let you know and thank you. It’s an amazing kit, can’t wait to figure it all out!

  4. Awesome cut out, totes <3 it! Do you make your own clothes often? I started sewing using bedsheets and doona covers, so much cheaper and heaps easy to tweak!

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